CREEDA Projects Pty Ltd.

Creating work opportunities through the development of people, enterprises and our communities

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6 Phillipps St
EDEN 2551
Tel +61 2 64962902

CREEDA Projects Pty Ltd.

With more than 20 years experience, our focus is entrepreneurship, innovation and small to medium business development in Australia and internationally. Based on an intimate understanding of small business and business development, we pride ourselves on our practical and grounded approach. We understand how a range of programs and strategies can be used and how important it is to adapt to different cultures and business environments.2004-10-01-06-102 new delhi julian.jpg

CREEDA Projects has developed a network of associate consultants who bring specialized skills and experience that enhance our capacity to develop business in regional Australia and internationally. Our enthusiastic worldwide team provide a range of research, consulting, training and “hands-on” management experience in the area of business incubation, enterprise and entrepreneur development within a diversity of cultural contexts.

CREEDA Projects has worked very closely with Government agencies and local development bodies to implement economic development projects that expand local employment opportunities. Our mission recognizes the importance of small businesses to enhance livelihoods, communities, regional economies and civil society. As a result we are: “Creating work opportunities through the development of people, enterprises and our communities.”